Service Tree

The Service Tree lists all services in "branched" groups, starting with the very general and moving to the very specific. Click on the name of any group name to see the sub-groups available within it. Click on a service code to see its details and the providers who offer that service.

Court Filing Offices

Divisions or programs of the court that accept and file actions, petitions, motions or other applications from the public for the purpose of obtaining a ruling or order directing some action in favor of the applicant. Court filings are generally completed by a lawyer on behalf of a client, though some jurisdictions may permit (but not recommend) filing by clients on their own behalf.

Guardians ad Litem

Individuals appointed by the court to represent, in a particular lawsuit, the interests of minors, people judged to be incompetent or people unborn or unascertained who may have a future interest in the property involved in the litigation. These special guardians may also serve as advocates for dependent children pending settlement of their cases in dependency court; and are usually attorneys but may also be court appointed special advocates (CASA volunteers).

Pre-Parole/Pre-Clemency Investigation

Programs of parole boards, commissions or other paroling authorities that conduct an investigation into the life and circumstances of offenders being considered for a parole or pardon and issue a report that can be referenced during formal proceedings to determine whether parole or clemency is suitable in a particular case. The study may involve discussions with arresting officers, court officials, victims and witnesses to the crime; an interview with the inmate to obtain personal history information (e.g., where the individual has lived and worked, family circumstances, future plans and his or her account of the crime); interviews with previous employers, family, friends and others mentioned in the personal history statement; and review of the offender's criminal history and disciplinary reports while incarcerated.

Pretrial Service Agencies

Programs that function as impartial investigative arms of the court which conduct a thorough risk assessment of individuals who have been arrested and are in custody before their trial, recommend a pretrial disposition (pretrial release or incarceration prior to and during the trial), perform intensive monitoring of the arrestee if he or she is released during the trial period and report violations of conditions to the court. The program interviews the individual, conducts criminal history checks, investigates previous releases, may talk with the police agency involved, may contact references given by the individual and prepares a summary of their findings for the court. The programs may also conduct investigations on behalf of individuals who want a reduction in the amount of bail which has been set in their case or on behalf of law enforcement agencies wanting an increase in bail.

Public Counsel

Programs that are part of the city, county, state or federal judicial system that are responsible for prosecuting, in the name of the government, individuals who have been accused of an offense; for providing legal representation for representatives of government offices to which they are counsel; or for representing indigent defendants in criminal cases.