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Education Resources

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Education creates pathways to opportunity and Utah 211 can help you find the education programs that fit you best. 

Our partners provide educational support services like tutoring, financial aid, and school supplies, as well as educational programs like GED or standardized testing prep, adult education, ESL programs, and literacy programs. You can also access information about early education options, school districts, and colleges.  

Early Childhood Education

Programs that provide children, under age 5, opportunities to learn, develop, and prepare for school. These specific programs are available for children from families experiencing financial hardship or those who may have special needs. 

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School Districts

Local administrative units that operate schools or contract for school services in specific geographical areas.

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College / Post-Secondary

Postsecondary education institutions that offer the highest level of formal learning in various fields and disciplines for people who meet entry-level requirements and are interested in an advanced education. 

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Adult Education

Programs that provide instruction in fundamental skills for adults who have never attended school or have interrupted formal schooling. Emphasis is placed on basic reading, language, and mathematics.

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Special Education Programs

Programs that provide instruction that accommodates students' individual differences, disabilities, and special needs. 

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Literacy Programs

Programs that provide instruction in reading, writing, and comprehension for people who are unable to read or write at a functional level. Some programs also include basic training in speaking, numeracy/mathematics, and problem solving. 

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GED / High School Equivalency Test Preparation

Programs that provide instruction to adults and eligible minors who wish to take the GED (General Education Development) or High School Equivalency test. 

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English Language Learner Programs

Programs that offer opportunities for non-English-speaking and limited-English-speaking adults to learn listening, speaking, reading, writing, and communication skills in English.

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School Supplies 

Programs that pay for or provide textbooks and other essential supplies at no cost for students who cannot afford to purchase them. 

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Tutoring Services

Programs that provide additional instruction, out of class, for students who are having difficulty with their coursework or who want to get more out of their education. 

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Guidance and Counseling

Programs that provide advice and guidance to students who need assistance choosing courses or areas of study, preparing for jobs or further education, coping with learning problems, or who require specialized support. 

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Student Financial Aid

Programs that provide financial assistance to students through scholarships, grants, loans and, work opportunities to help them meet their expenses while in school. 

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Other Education Support Services

Programs that provide non-instructional services which support students from admission through completion of a program. 

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