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Legal Resources

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Utah 211 partners with crime prevention and investigative programs that can support you while navigating our complicated legal systems. These programs promote and preserve conditions that can help make your community a safer and more peaceful place to live.  

Find support with family law issues, tenant and landlord law, immigration and naturalization services, expungement, court systems, finding a lawyer or other representation, and corrections services below. 

General Legal Services

Programs that provide assistance in the form of advocacy, arbitration, class action litigation, legal counseling, legal representation, mediation, paralegal counseling, self-representation assistance and/or court watching which focus on a particular area of law. 

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Family Law

Programs that help with documents or provide information and advice, legal counseling, representation, and other forms of legal assistance which deal broadly with family law issues. 

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Landlord / Tenant Law

Programs that help tenants and landlords resolve disputes regarding rental deposits, unsanitary conditions, failure to make repairs, privacy, notice requirements, excessive rent increases, nonpayment of rent, damage to property, overcrowding, or other grievances. 

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Immigration / Naturalization Legal Services

Programs that provide legal assistance for immigrants, nonimmigrant visa applicants, asylum seekers, and lawful permanent residents who are seeking naturalization. 

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Federal and state judicial bodies whose function is to resolve disputes and dispense justice according to the principles of law and equity. 

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Correction Services

Programs that provide detention, confinement, rehabilitation, and care of inmates and those who have been released from a correctional facility.

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Programs that provide assistance for people who want to submit a petition requesting that the court order the official and formal sealing or erasure of records related to a particular criminal case. 

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Law Enforcement Agencies

Organizations responsible for enforcing the law, such as a police or sheriff's department.

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Court Ordered Community Service

Government agencies or nonprofit organizations that offer positions for individuals convicted of an offense and ordered to do community service in lieu of or in addition to incarceration, fines, restitution, or other sanctions.

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Other Legal Services