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Medical, Dental, and Vision Resources

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Utah 211 wants to help you get access to the medical and healthcare services you need to achieve and maintain your physical well-being. We work with several government services, organizations, and community programs that can support you. 

Whether you need medical, dental, or vision services, or insurance, are looking for advocacy education or prevention programs, or are looking for medical care and government funded programs, we can connect you. Read about our partner programs below. 


If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911.

911 Emergency Line

Call or text 911

Emergency Medical Care

In a medical emergency, dial 911. These programs provide immediate short-term assistance for those who are injured or ill. 

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Health Insurance

Public social insurance programs that pay all or a portion of the health care costs of covered individuals and ensure access to essential medical services. 

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Health Insurance Counseling and Navigation

Programs that offer information and guidance to people who need assistance selecting health insurance coverage and/or programs that answer questions about health insurance benefits and help people complete insurance forms. 

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Emergency, Urgent Care, and Hospital Services

Information about urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, and hospitals which provide diagnostic and treatment services for individuals in need of varying degrees of medical care. 

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Basic Medical Care

Routine health care and medical check-ups provided by physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives, physicians' assistants, or other health care providers.  

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Health Screening / Diagnostic Services

Programs that test for the presence of a particular disease or condition or for certain risk factors that are known to be associated with that disease or condition. 

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Health Supportive Services

Programs that provide equipment, information, social services, or other forms of support which supplement the treatment or habilitation of people who have illnesses, injuries, or disabilities or facilitate their ability to function. 

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Prescription and Medical Equipment

Organizations that provide prescription medication or prescription payment help, or that pay for or provide necessary in-home hospital equipment, monitoring devices, respiratory aids, prevention kits, and other medical supplies. 

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Reproductive Health

Programs that provide medical, educational, and/or counseling services which relate to the conception, delivery, and care of children. 

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Programs that provide vaccinations or shots to help people from contracting specific diseases and spreading them in the community. (Example: flu shot, chickenpox vaccine)

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Speciality Health

Organizations that offer diagnostic and treatment services provided by physicians who have special training in a clinical area of practice that focuses on a specific age group, an organ or organ system, or on complex scientific techniques. 

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General Dentistry

Programs that provide primary oral health care for patients of all ages. General dentists are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, management, and overall coordination of specialized services related to the patient's oral health needs. 

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Pediatric Dentistry

Programs that specialize in providing oral health care for infants, children, and adolescents. 

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Dental Hygiene

Programs that offer preventive dental care, including professional teeth cleaning and information about proper daily self-care of teeth.

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Dental Screening

Programs that provide oral hygiene information and dental examinations to detect tooth decay and periodontal problems, but refer patients out for cleaning, fillings, extractions, and other necessary dental care. 

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Eye Exams and Eye Care

Programs focused on helping individuals maintain or improve the health of their eyes, in part through eye exams, in which specialists identify targeted eye diseases or vision deficiencies that may require further examination. 

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Glasses / Contact Lenses

Programs that pay for, give vouchers for, or provide eye glasses or contact lenses to those who may need corrective lenses to see better.

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Health Advocacy

Organizations dedicated to protecting and improving the quality and affordability of health and long-term care for all individuals and advocating for changes in the health care system that will achieve these goals. 

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Prevention and Education

Programs that provide information that helps the public make choices that promote personal health, prevent illness and disability, take advantage of opportunities for early detection, and support their ability to deal effectively with health problems when they arise. 

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Home Health and Hospice

Programs that provide a full range of supportive services for terminally ill individuals who are in the final stages of their illnesses and for their families. 

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Public Health Departments

Programs that protect and improve the health of the population through comprehensive efforts at the community level related to disease control and prevention, sanitation standards, and workplace conditions that constitute health hazards.  

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