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Substance Use/Misuse Resources

Counseling Discussion

Seeking help for yourself or a loved one for substance use or misuse can be difficult. Utah 211 works with programs that can get you the resources you need to move forward.

The programs we partner with provide preventive, diagnostic, inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment services as well as transitional support for people whose use of substances has resulted in impaired function or evidence of withdrawal symptoms.

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In an Emergency, Dial 911



Signs of an opioid overdose include small pinpoint pupils, blue/purple fingernail and lips, unresponsiveness, limp body, shallow or stopped breathing, faint heartbeat, and/or a gurgling or choking noise.



Programs that provide in-person immediate response services for people who are in life-threatening situations due to a drug overdose or acute intoxication. These include 24-hour facilities with emergency in-take.

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Assessment and Placement

Programs that conduct an evaluation to determine whether an individual has a substance use disorder based on their behaviors and the nature and extent of the problem.  

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Detoxification / Detox

Programs that provide assistance and support for individuals who are physically dependent on substances of any kind during the withdrawal period.  

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Education and Prevention

Programs that provide information about substance use disorders (including the substances most commonly used, their effects, diagnostic criteria for substance use disorders, and methods of treatment) and/or offer services that focus on substance use prevention. 

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Harm Reduction

Programs that protect people from the potentially deadly effects of the drugs they use, reduce HIV risk, increase access to treatment, and reduce improper disposal of needles and syringes. 

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Outpatient Programs

Programs that include counseling, 12-step meetings, or recreational activities for individuals who have problems related to drug/alcohol but do not require day treatment or 24-hour hospital care. 

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Residential Programs

24-hour structured treatment programs and support services that are a supervised environment for individuals who have problems related to excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs. 

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Support Groups

Mutual support groups whose members are individuals who have a substance use disorder or other behavioral addictions. 

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Supportive Services

Community and hospital-based programs that provide a variety of services for individuals who need support to commit to a treatment program, survive a substance-use related crisis, or sustain an abstinent lifestyle. 

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Other Substance Use / Misuse Resources

Programs including DUI offender programs, smoking cessation programs, and medication assisted maintenance.  

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