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Utility Assistance

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Managing utilities can be complicated and time consuming. Utah 211 can help connect you to the right services for your utility needs. We partner with organizations that provide electric, natural gas, home heating fuel, telephone, water, sewer, internet, or cable services; manage the connection and repair of utility services; and offer support for people at risk of having their utilities shut off. 

Check out the utilities support you can receive below. 

Utility Bill Payment Assistance

Programs that provide financial assistance for those at risk of having their utilities shut off; offer discounted utility services; provide disconnection protection and notification alerts; and supply fuel when other options are unavailable.

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Utility Service Connection / Repair

Organizations responsible for processing utility connection orders; installing, maintaining, and repairing necessary equipment; activating service; accepting/responding to reports of outages or other problems; measuring usage; and/or billing and collection. 

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Utility Service Providers

Companies that provide natural gas, electric, water, telephone services, propane/home heating oil, and similar energy alternatives to business and residential customers.

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Home Repair / Weatherization

Programs that help households lower energy bills, improve indoor air quality, and increase comfort and safety in homes. Weatherization programs may have age, income, disability, or other eligibility requirements. 

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Internet Service Providers

Companies that provide internet, either for use in-home or at a location available to the public.

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