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Transitional Storage Program

Program 'A Place for Your Stuff' allows persons experiencing homelessness to store belongings while looking for work, seeking other services, or establishing stability.


The 'A Place for Your Stuff' program allows persons experiencing homelessness to store their possessions in 90-gallon bins as they look for work, seek other services, and establish stability. One bin per client.

Service Hours:
M - F 7 - 9 am & 5 - 7 pm; Sa 9 - 11 am
Intake Procedure:
Individuals are assigned a bin for personal belongings by signing a sponsorship form and attaching a photograph to the bin. Someone will take the person's picture. No time limit on storage but monthly check in required (in person preferred, or by phone in extenuating circumstances).
No cost
Counties Served:
  • Salt Lake